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Welcome to CrossFit Sunderland

The worlds fastest growing Fitness, Strength & Conditioning programme.
Get ready to join the CrossFit community of motivated and excited individuals who love fitness. We are a family run box looking to pass our enthusiasm for CrossFit on to others and improve peoples health and fitness in the area. We are dedicated to creating workouts that are designed for people of ALL levels so everyone can participate.
Here at CrossFit Sunderland, we pride ourselves in developing your understanding of movement and how it applies to you and your everyday life. CrossFit methodology is using functional movements as training methods to improve overall health and fitness. We are all here to learn, develop and support this growing community.
Workout at your pace
“Scaling or Modifying” are words that you will hear frequently here at CrossFit Sunderland. During each class, everyone does the same overall workout, but that workout will always have several different movement options. This makes it possible for everyone including those with previous injuries, different body types, personal goals and levels of ability to work alongside one another safely. We motivate one another, cheer one another on, and even participate in healthy competition. Ultimately, every workout is yours alone.


Getting started with us

STEP 1: Try your first class FREE
We want to meet you. You want to try us out. So, come and take our introductory class. We'll show you around, tell you more about what we do and put you through a simple CrossFit workout. There is no sales pitch, the decision is yours. When you commit, we will commit to you.

STEP 2: Buy a Membership
If you're ready to sign up, visit our membership page to select the best option for you.

STEP 3: Complete the ON RAMP
Since you're new to CrossFit, you must attend our 'ON RAMP' (introduction to CrossFit) this will teach you the fundamentals of CrossFit. The emphasis of the On-Ramp is on skill development and exposure to our basic movements. It is designed to prepare you to enter our ongoing group classes. We are going to be hammering technique to ensure both your safety and success at the next level. 

The fundamental movements we teach:


 Technique is key, half reps don't count!

STEP 4: You're ready for CrossFit Classes
Your membership continues with Classes at CrossFit Sunderland. Our Coaches will help you scale the workouts and weights so that you can make a smooth transition into full-time CrossFit! Click the link below to check out the class schedule.

I’ve been a member at SR1 for over a year now and normally you will see me attending the 6am classes. Working full time, I find the first class on a morning perfect to fit in with my busy schedule. 

The thing I love the most, is the constant improvements you can see yourself making. From being able to run that little bit further, getting a new personal best on a weightlifting movement or even perfecting a movement in a WOD you once struggled with. Everything is recorded with the Wodify app SR1 uses, So you can see where these improvements are made, for me this gives me the motivation to keep going!

Crossfit Sunderland SR1 is much more than a workout on a morning for me, it’s a community and a family. It’s somewhere we’re I have made amazing friendships.
— Anna Staples
As a new joiner I was apprehensive having never done CrossFit before, turning up for the first session I was made very welcome, you get trained how to complete the exercises, get coached so you can complete it properly and there’s options to scale down the activities so that anyone can do it.

I really like how there is a variety of times available meaning I can get in before I start work. You can track progress to measure your improvement and the motivation from the group and coaches pushes you to achieve more, beats ‘traditional gyms’ hands down.
— Jamie Scott


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Getting in touch

Feel free to call into the gym during our opening hours to have a look around or to discuss your requirements and find out a bit more about CrossFit and what it can do for you.


CrossFit Sunderland SR1
14 Tavistock Place
T. 0191 565 0306
E. hello@crossfitsunderland.com

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