What is Wodify?

Wodify is our member management and performance tracking system. Not only does it manage all of our athlete’s membership information, billing, and status, it tracks everything you do in the gym!

We found that a vast majority of athletes skip or forget to write down their work in the gym – making it difficult to track specific performance progress. Wodify takes all the guess work out! Our system logs every weight you use, workout times, reps completed – and even has a nutrition log to track your food.
You never need to remember what the last weight you used on a particular workout, or how many reps of a certain WOD you completed. Wodify has you covered. Share and compare performance results with your friends within the gym, and even outside of the gym with social media integration.
No, but they definitely should! We have members who chose us specifically based on our implementation of Wodify. You are making in investment in yourself, so we made an investment in Wodify in order to help you reach your goals faster, easier, and with one less thing to worry about.

  • Mobile Access – See your progress, update your results, and check gym scores from your device.
  • Class Check-in – Know when you’re coming in?  Reserve your spot from your device/computer.
  • Nutrition Log – Track your food, water, and supplement intake.
  • Community Building – Tie faces to names, make friends, share results!
  • Be Accountable – Own your work. Own your results. OWN YOUR PROGRESS!